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  • So here we are, i suppose better off than West ham...marginally better off than Wolves and Wigan...we really need to beat Fulham. I dont think a point will be enough..........

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    • More like a bit of a bum twitch Nige,
      I suppose playing Fulham late on Sunday will let us see what needs to be done.
      West Ham are all but gone but could do us a favour by taking at least a point at Wigan. Points here to be dropped whatever the result.
      Blackpool face Bolton who are a tough nut and I really can't see them getting anything from Old Trafford . . . although stranger things happen at sea.
      Wolves still to play Sunderland away and Blackburn at home, again points to be dropped.
      Wigan at The Britannia last game will be tough especially as Stoke will want to perform after the FA Cup Final.
      It is typical of Blues though. Make things as complicated as possible.