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  • busdriver busdriver May 12, 2011 07:40 Flag

    Ben Foster

    I watched Sky and a programme entitled "your live on sky" and I was amazed at the criticism aimed at Ben over his decision to "take a break" from the England team.

    I applaud him, to be top of your cam week in week out and then do the same at International level takes a lot out of a player.
    Now he has had a few injuries he wants to let his body recuperate.
    The so called experts have interpreted this as:
    A) Early retirement from the England team set up.
    B) Leaving gracefully, since he doesn't want to be a No. 2 to Joe Hart.
    There were viewer’s comments too about him being over the hill and injury prone.

    I think Ben Foster has made this decision for Ben Foster and family first and Birmingham City second, with the option of Mr Cappello to select him at a later

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    • "Joker (Butch?)"

      No, it's my best mate Nige.

      cheers, Derek

    • Roy, agreeing with me? . . . I'm feeling cyical now ;-)
      Joker (Butch?) It shows what a sorry state English football is in. Only two top keepers.
      But with two thirds of Premier League players not being English, what more can we expect.

    • Fair points Pike

      I'm sticking to my assumption though, as it would do my self titled "Cynical Old Git" tag harm to agree with you!

    • I'm a cynical bugger and i think that it's hard to retire from International football when you never actualy played it very often!

      Yes he was woften with the squad, and on the bench but almost never played a serious game. I think BF is tired of being No2 (or 3 at times) and can't be arsed to put the effort into training and travelling with the squad if he's not going to play..............Probably seen himself as a futile No2 or 3 at Man U and now with England and is fed up with it.

      You an I would go as No10 if we were asked and probably prayed that just once, we could represent our country if the other 9 all went down with food poisoning.

      Nah...............Never give up on your country.............wait until your country gives up on you! (Smiffy from Sport Relief/Comic Relief at the SPOTY awards)

      And he's only a wipper-snapper at 28 years old for a keeper.

      Like i said.......I don't believe it's injuries.............i think he's fed up. But i am the biggest cynic i know