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  • A Yahoo! User May 23, 2011 01:37 Flag

    Sort out time starts here !

    You finish where you deserve to finish over 38 games. We were never going to do any good while we continued with someone who has no idea where the back of the net is. The defence is sound....just needs someone to score a goal or two.


    We signed the wrong Cardiff player...Chopra was the one I wanted.

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    • Well that was some afternoon.
      Trust Wolves not to follow the script.
      I suppose on reflection after 38 games we didn’t deserve to stay up, Big Eck is blaming injuries, that is why he has a squad of 25 players, he blamed the lack of goals scored, that is why he needed to drop the dead donkey Jerome.
      He has blamed everyone else except the main man in charge…. Himself!

      He never altered his options up front till it was too late.

      He stated the dressing room was quiet after the game, that was because they were all thinking about putting in transfer request rather than holding their hands up and saying “Sorry, we let the fans and ourselves down. Don’t worry we will make it right next season”

      Where do we go from here?

      Do we make wholesale changes from the manager down, or stick with what we have and build on that.
      If we make wholesale changes we could end up like Middlesbrough and struggling, at least we have the core of a good side and should come straight back up.
      Either way we need to clear out the dead wood.
      If we can keep the back 4 and most of the midfield all we really need is replace Larsson, and Bowyer.
      Then we just need to get a couple of decent strikers.
      We can still offer the chance of European Football so should be able to make some decent signings to strengthen.