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  • Pikey Pikey May 26, 2011 15:31 Flag

    Lawdy ha ha

    Our old pal Howie is not back.
    He last posted on 25 April 10.
    This is someone without a life. Someone who copies another losers ID.
    This pretending Howie has a stutter.
    I think he is trying to say "ha ha ha ha ha 'hallo' everyone"

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    • He did last post on 25/04/10 Pikey, but his posting history show's it indeed to be the sad old waster himself, resurrected from the dead, with an unnatural hatred of West Ham and Birmingham City. He has repeated the same informative post on the Sheff U board, West Ham and Chelsea board...proving the point that he is actually no more than an upmarket Hovis van driver with little more intelligence than a copepod.

      Shame on you Howy...