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  • A Yahoo! User May 26, 2011 19:05 Flag

    The Exit door is opening....

    Alexander Hleb, David Bentley, Obafemi Martins and Matt Derbyshire have already gone.....Larsson is going. Who next ?

    Jerome perhaps ? No don't be silly, who would buy a striker who can't score....?

    Only us. !

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    • It's YOUR help not you help.

    • Cheers to the real TiltonRoad. I got your text this morning.
      As for the 'other' tiltonroad, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

    • Birmingham City does have a future, depending on McLeish’s spending will decide if it is going to be a bright one.
      I agree that we need a balance of youth and experience and Philips would have been an asset to keep up our sleeves.
      If you look at the squad over the last 2/3 years, it has been aging and even the loan signings have been old in football terms.
      We have some good players coming through and should give them their opportunity now along with some astute signings.
      Keeping the core of our defence is imperative and we should put a phenomenal price on them, £5 mill each minimum for Johnson and Danns, then again we could afford to lose one if Ridgewell goes back to the centre of defence and we sign a decent left back.
      The signing of a striker should be our first priority, and why we are even contemplating keeping Jerome beats me but then we probably could not sell him in the pound shop.
      I keep hearing that we should not blame him for our lack of goals, apart from McLeish’s tactics and the continuance of playing him as a lone striker then I am sorry he has to take responsibility for his inability to score.

    • FYI, I don't give a flying fcuk if u think I chat shit. TBH
      You don't see a future? Your problem.
      You should KRO. IMO.

    • Tilton, I know things look bad at the moment,
      But if you analyse who is leaving there is no great surprise really.
      Larsson wanted out ages ago. Marcus Bent? Who's he? Bowyer was a bit of a surprise but BD did warn us a few weeks ago that Bowyer was not pulling his weight, KP's leaving was also an eyebrow raiser.
      Taylor was struggling for fitness and as for Marcus Bent. . . . (cough cough) 'nuff said.
      I can see a younger, fresher more eager Blues next season.
      Lets hope Big Eck can keep the nucleus of the side, even allowing for Johnson and Dann leaving, we should still have enough about us.
      As I said before, we need to concentrate on the future, the past has gone.

    • I'm not altogether happy about this Steve. Lee Bowyer ?.....Kev Philllips...two guys who could have added experience and steel...not forgetting the odd goal or two to the team...yet they've been thrown out...That is not a good move (IMO)...I can think of a least one 'Striker' who should be looking for a new club right now !

      Oh..well...European football very soon...with no players worth talking about. Should be a very quick experience then !

    • The exit door is swinging open as wide as the Wast Hills car park.
      I think we all know who is off for sure, Bowyer, Phillips, Jiranec, Taylor, Larsson.
      It not so much who leaves but who we sign that is more important.
      I hope McLeish brings in proven attacking players to give us some degree of threat going forwards. Top of the wish list must be a twenty something Kevin Phillips type of player. Someone to link up with Jerome or Zigzag.
      We also need a midfielder similar to a certain Mr Savage to complement Gardner.
      So far there is only talk of players leaving, we should also discuss who we would like to see Blues sign.
      In all probability we will also need two new centre halves if the press have their way with Johnson off to Sun'land and Dann to Anfield.
      Interesting times ahead.

    • Come on now,
      It was common knowledge these loanees were going back to their respective clubs.
      Larsson wants out anyway.
      Everybody has said Jerome is a good Fizzy Pop striker. And guess what....?
      Why all this blame on Jerome for Blues failing to stay up? Did he pick the side? He can only play where he is instructed to play and if he is told to chase dead balls into corners then he ain't going to score is he?
      OK, OK, I know he hasn't scored in the League for half a season but our other strikers hardly set the place alight did they?
      I blame McLeish for his negative tactics on too many occasions. He must change, and very quickly, or by Christmas we will be looking elsewhere.
      If we can keep the nucleus of the side, I mean Gardner, Ridgewell, Johnson, Dann, Foster, Ferguson, Beausejour, McFadden and a few others then we should be there or there abouts.
      Big Eck has to change his tactics. It's all good and well keeping a clean sheet and hoping to nick a goal here and there. He really has to address the attacking third. We already have some promising youngsters chomping to prove themselves. Jordan Mutch and Neil Redfern are just two. Both very attack minded.
      We really must start taking the game to our opponents on our travels.
      As I said before, this is going to be a very interesting summer. Very interesting indeed.