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  • A Yahoo! User May 27, 2011 07:35 Flag

    The Exit door is opening....

    Alexander Hleb........Out injured for much of his time.

    David Bentley...Only played well for a few minutes in ganmes he featured in . Inconsistant.

    Obafemi Martins...Not played since Wigan away,,,will always be remembered for the winner at Wembley, when the truth is, that is all he accomplished.

    Matt Derbyshire...never given a run of games to prove himself. If he had started half the games given to Jerome, maybe we would have got two more points and a couple of goals out of him.

    Kevin Phillips.........See above comment, ref: Derbyshire.

    I personally blame Mcleish. We won the league Cup in spite of Mcleish, not because of him.....and I also blame Mcleish for putting too much faith in Jerome.

    No, we shouldnt have gone down Roy...the blame is all Mcleish's.

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    • Alex McLeish blamed everyone and everything apart from the actual person… Himself.
      Some of his tactics were so negative, even at home; his belief in Jerome should have had the men in white jackets taking him in custody.
      We new that the loaned and out of contract players were going but it brings me to an old argument.
      Any players from a relegated team are allowed to leave and join another premier club, I would prefer it if they were made to stay on a reduced contract until the January window, if they insist on leaving then they should not be allowed to join another premiership team.

      The close season should be interesting, we are better off than West Ham or Blackpool since we can offer European football and will still get some TV monies from the games we play.