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  • mouse mouse May 27, 2011 08:36 Flag

    sorry to see you go......

    well i have allowed a decent period of mourning, but now it is time to disect the season. but what is to disect really, we were shite, you were even shite-er. (er, shite-er, lol.)
    i tried to warn you early on that beating us is not a seasons achievement. granted one of those beatings lead to the great reward. i am and was mightily pleased with your victories in the cup. as you know i was there to witness some of them. but still i tried to warn you that it was not enough, your demise was heartbreaking, but inevitable. i see now that a little blame game is starting, well may i join in, por favor, lol.
    i see that some of you are blaming mr jerome, useless but only playing to the team that is picked, no he is not to blame. who do i blame, well the big eck is right up there but i blame YOU GUYS. when the time came where were you, unlike my own motivational speech to my beloved aston villa, (see villa board 21 points, on the back of this successfull diatribe i have informed randy that im available) you simply continued to snipe at cameron, (the poor sod), and slag off the gaffa. i feel that you lacked the heartfelt desire to motivate your boys. so at the end of the day you went down and we didnt. its a real shame we will miss you but i feel that in a couple of years you will be back, i dont think that you will do it next season, not having a pop i just feel that it will be 2 seasons before you come home. but what i have done is write you a little song, well truth to tell i nicked most of it. so sing along boys you know the tune.

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