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  • Lex,

    I know you are are Arsenal supporter, living in Birmingham and I have to say that like Manchester United supporters living anywhere but Manchester, unless you are originally from another area, I cannot understand how you can be an ardent fan of a team from another area ..or country !

    Anyway, thats as maybe...when the new owners came in, i am sure they promised £40M not £80M. Now lets analyse this. Big name players bought in also command masive wages which comes out of the pot too, people like Alexander Hleb didnt come cheaply when his bank account is scrutinised. The buck still stays with Mcleish here, he bought the players in..and apart from beating...who was it now?...at Wembley, most of the players used were not those bought in on loan on massive wages , they were keeping the first aid man busy. Money was made available, its more of a question of was it spent...and spent wisely. In the case of Foster...absolutely. In the case of some of the others...absolutely not. Once again, down to Mcleish.

    We know all about the Championship though, Lex, and what it takes to get out of it. after all we have managed it three times in ten years.......so expect us back 'toutes suite'..!