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  • I agree that Jerome does not score any where near enough goals to be considered a "striker" Anybody can "work hard" but there has to be an end product.Many other strikers play lone roles up front and still score. Ecks persistence with him is unbelieveable he must see something we dont! £5m is a great offer and we should snap there hands off.
    He has gone as far as he can with us and needs to move on.


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    • Yes, the lone strikers do score,
      When they receive the correct service.
      Did anyone really expect him to suddenly start banging goals left right and centre?
      McLeish gave him a job, he did the job.
      As I said, even Rooney would struggle with a ball pinged in the air and no-one to play to or play off. Or a long ball down the channels and the next player still in their own half.
      Add the imminent signing of Mr King (reserved judgement) I feel those two would make a good Fizzy Pop pairing.

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      • I was at Sunderland and witnessed possibly the worst performance from a 'striker' in the history of shit Birmingham strikers Steve. Jerome had five good chances and blew the lot...some even Ricky Otto could have scored from....I appreciate that he was given a difficult role by Mcleish, but two of the five chances were one on one, the sort of chances a decent striker feasts on. He's crap Steve,,as an athlete, yes, a decent runner, but to hang you premiership life on a striker who cannot score was suicidal.

      • Not sure about King either, although he scored 12 goals last season, is he coming to us for a bigger pay day? If Jerome goes who do you think is out there for us realistically to sign?

    • As far as I'm concerned, Cameron Jerome has been the reason we have gone down. He was supposed to score goals but hasn't a clue. Six months without a goal is THE reason we fell from the top division, keeping em out is one thing, but unless you rattle in a couple, then one point agame spells relegation. Marlon King ? Oh no.!..frying pan into fire springs to mind. Lock up you daughters too ! Im begining to think its a Birmingham thing, any good player has to lower his game to fit in with the Brum culture of snatching a defeat from the jaws of victory, But King ? He's 31...what was wrong with Kev P ??? One season contract would have seen him score enough goals in the NP to give us a realistic chance...Jerome or no Jerome.

      What a waste of time again !