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  • I was at Sunderland and witnessed possibly the worst performance from a 'striker' in the history of shit Birmingham strikers Steve. Jerome had five good chances and blew the lot...some even Ricky Otto could have scored from....I appreciate that he was given a difficult role by Mcleish, but two of the five chances were one on one, the sort of chances a decent striker feasts on. He's crap Steve,,as an athlete, yes, a decent runner, but to hang you premiership life on a striker who cannot score was suicidal.

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    • Lone strikers are given that position because they have natural ability and talent. They create their chances by using it. Rooney, Tevez, and Drogba all spring to mind, then we have the likes of Liniker, Shearer, Greaves who were goal poachers and being in the right place at the right time.
      Jerome lacked neither of these qualities, yes he was quick, he was excellent at running into corners but that was not going to win matches.
      He lacked basic skills, how many reports were written quoting the chances that Blues had and missed and almost all fell to Jerome, the Sunderland match was a classic example.
      The decision to not keep Chucho was baffling and then not to replace him even more so, plus selling O’Connor without replacing him too.
      The injury to Zigic didn’t help or the option to leave Philips on the bench when we really needed someone who knew where the net was became the frustration of the season.

      However that is now behind us and the new season will soon be here and what will have to look forward too?

      Let Jerome go for £5 Million, we could get 2 half decent fizzy pop strikers for that, not sure about King, maybe he will be the younger KP.
      We also have some pretty good fringe players who deserve their chance too, Asante, Kerr, Mutch and Redmond; all could be nurtured during the summer and could make a solid impact for the next few years to come.
      Look at some younger players of years gone by, Francis, Latchfords and, Burns all became hero’s.
      I do not doubt Big Ecks ability, but certainly cringe at some of his attacking decisions.