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  • Nige, I'm with you,
    But here's the but again. . .
    But who played him there?
    But who told him his job was to chase into corners?
    But who told him to flick on to no-one?
    As we were really struggling to score Ek decided not to concede. 4-5-1.
    Because of injuries to our back line, it failed.
    When we played 4-4-2 we looked dangerous.
    With 4-5-1 we looked shite.
    Want to know what bothered me the most last season?
    When we played away against most teams we looked . . . how shall I put it . . . we looked scared to death. We really looked out of our depth which, as it turned out, we were.
    I want us to go away next season and attack. Go to win. Fcuk the 4-5-1 and have a go.
    Perhaps BigEck should employ a new advisor.
    Barry Fry comes to mind.
    They score four and we'll score five mentality.