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  • BD,
    While I fully respect your views I still find it hard that you blame Jerome for our downfall.
    CJ was scoring the season before, as you rightly point out. The difference this season was McLeish never replaced Chucho. Those two formed a very good partnership.
    Eck's problem was failing to find a suitable replacement. Jerome is not prolific, his record since his first tentative steps onto a football pitch back that up. He is a link-up player. He will not score 15-20 a season.
    CJ is good at holding the ball up, flick-ons, and occasionally scoring a goal.
    Your second part of the post hits the nail on the head. McLeish's failure to see the blatantly obvious. Jerome up front on his own or chasing lost causes into corners will not reap goals. Even Wayne Rooney would fail to score from similar positions.
    I would not say McLeish was stubborn for playing Jerome, he had no other choice, he was however stubborn for not investing nearly enough on the attacking front.
    The Buck ultimately stops with BigEck. We refused to pay a bit extra for N'Zogbia's wages, we refused to find an extra million or two for Pavlyuchenko. We signed Derbyshire instead.
    In hindsight the board MUST take a shite load of the blame too, for not investing those few extra millions. It has probably cost them a £100 million instead.
    Our cloth is already being cut for life in the Fizzy Pop. Most of the top earners have already left, Phillips, Bowyer etc and McFadden is in talks.
    As for parachute payments, we get £48M over four years.
    We received £39,836,792 from TV rights (Manure got over £61M and Blackpool £24M). This drops to £3M.
    The three promoted sides received just over £15M each from placings and TV combined.
    If we do not get promotion in the first season I can see us being there for the next five or six years.