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  • Someone has obviously approached him, i cant beleive its the Vile. If it is, what a reception we he comes back!!
    Although he bought us the Carling Cup he was to negative for me. Who is out there to come to a club with no money!


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      no no no, i feel physically sick, NO RANDY ABSOLUTELY NOT. NOT NOW NOT EVER. get maclaren, pay what it takes. if not curbishly or at an absolute push hughes, but not and i mean NOT this frick in dickhead, not today not tomorrow, NOT IN THIS FCUKING LIFETIME.

      i hated him as your boss and if he gets the villa job, well it should not be up for discussion, the ginger tw@ is a complete c un t, sorry 'bout the use of that word but nothing else works.
      after the way he played football at your club last season i would rather see him dead than at villa park.

      villa 'til i die, brummie for eternity.

    • Personally, I'm gutted.
      Despite his negative tactics, I felt he would lead us straight back up.
      On the bright side, Villa can play 5-4-1 with Heskey up front. I actually feel sorry for vile fans if he goes there.
      On a brighter note, we have the Johnston Paint trophy to look forward to.