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  • Pikey Pikey Jun 13, 2011 21:30 Flag

    Interesting Times

    When I said it would be an interesting summer down St Andrews way,
    I never, in my wildest dreams, thought it would pan out like this.
    Eck quits and villa want him.
    Blues refuse to admit Eck has quit and want over £5M in compensation.
    We want to appoint a new boss asap but can't until we agree Eck can go.
    We sign a registered sex offender and release the only player who knows where the net is.
    Only at Blues.
    This interesting summer is reaching boiling point. And there's a long way to go yet.

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    • Correct Nigel,he is undoubtedly the thickest cunt ever to post on these here boards.and jesus what a bore to boot.

    • Yea yea...boring cunt, anything you say...except this. The cloner of howy is you....but what does anyone care anyway...carry on Mr bore.


    • Interesting is an understatement, McLeish leaving was totally out of the blue.
      Something must have happened, I think some poaching by the Vile; you do not start buying players then walk like that.
      We all criticized him, but that is part of the job, he remained loyal to some players and stubborn in his tactics at times.
      At Wembley no one shouted him down then, he was the bee’s knees‘, walking on water, along with the players.
      At least he reflected on his mistakes and in signing a striker and winger was looking forward to rebuilding.
      I would have expected immediate return if we managed to keep the nucleus of the team together, now who knows who and what we will get.
      Alan Curbishley would be my first choice to put the feelers for, he knows the Club and supporters, and he was a favorite at St Andrews.
      Will be interesting to hear what Carson Yeung has to say about all this, Pannu? Since he is only acting why is it he is out front with everything happening at Blues now.

      Watch this space…. I believe in Santa Clause, because we need some divine intervention from somewhere.