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  • busdriver busdriver Jun 17, 2011 10:48 Flag

    Lets move on

    We all have our opinions and assumptions over what has happened between McLeish, the Vile and the Birmingham Board, all the shouting and distain is not going to change.
    We lost Steve Bruce for alleged Boardroom politics and now the same with McLeish but with a different board.
    It is a manager’s ritual to blame someone other than himself or herself.
    I personally always doubted the current owners. depending on which paper you read depends on how much they spent, some look at the whole deal with loans, wages, bonuses etc for the entire contract which add up to around £78 million over 3 years others look at what was spent in just the fee to the other clubs which is around the £26 million.
    We will only ever know what is allowed to be printed in the papers or by attending the board meetings.
    You can do anything with figures; make your self look wealthy to friends and poor to loan companies.
    Unfortunately as the Vile fans have found out the owners do not give a toss what they think, they have appointed McLeish and know that the fans will still be there at the start of the season.
    All these foreign owners are business people and not passionate about our game. Teams as Norwich, Bolton, Everton, Stoke and Wigan owned and run by English people who understand the passion of the supporters and will never be in the top four but rely on their style of football and loyalty of managers and supporters.
    Wigan proved that when Roberto Martinez turned down the Vile job.
    We must now move on, we are where we are because of boardroom politics, the owners will only spend what they want and can afford and we must accept that, unless we can afford to buy them out they are here and Birmingham City is their little ego trip.
    When these people learn to employ a manager to run the football side of a club then they must let him. Give the man a realistic budget to buy players, then let the board thrash out the wages etc, for example The Board have £40 million for the football side, give the manager £20mil and keep the rest to negotiate wages etc.
    What we need now is a Manager, Chris Houghton, Alan Curbishley or to rub salt in the Vile’s wounds Martin O’Neal.
    Whoever must have the Boards Backing and our support?


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    • Chris Hughton did very well up here, surprised me. Unassuming guy who commands respect from players and fans. His only problem with the Magpies was having to contend with @rsehole Ashley. He'd be a great choice for you guys, maybe with a decent sidekick to do the spouting off to the press for him.

    • Balanced view there busdriver can't argue with much of it.....only problem is with your spelling of Villa :-)


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      • BD has a point Dan,
        After all that has gone on.
        After all the protests.
        Even after Faulkners patronizing comments, mainly towards Vile fans, you/they will still be there come the start of the season.
        Except those (I've been here for 40 years) die hard fans who ran Viles ticket office dry of money demanding ST refunds.
        Expect McJudas to play his favourite players, through thick and thin, while leaving good attacking stock on the bench.
        He bought or loaned some decent players, Hleb, Bently, Michel, Phillips to name a few and either did not use them or played them out of position.
        Fahey, a rc midfielder, played on the left wing when a natural left winger, Beausejur (sorry about spelling) is sat on his arse.
        I could go on.
        Anyway, best wishes for the season. I think you may need it.

    • Good read BD,
      For me, Alex McJudas has lost all respect he had.
      He deserves none.
      Initial shock turned to anger then all emotions were swept aside as vile fans started their hate campaign by vandalising their own training ground. This is when it started to become funny.

      I do thank McJudas for winning the cup, especially as it was against Whingeing Wenger.

      But, we must move forward. We should sign a manager who will improve on the last, a manager who plays pleasing-on-the-eye football. A manager who wants to win and not set up shop to avoid defeat.
      Step forwards, Mr Hughton.


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      • Agree entirely with these two good messages. I did rate McCleish but have now lost all respect for the guy.
        We need to draw a line under the whole affair and get ourselves a new man in quickly. My choices would be Hughton, Curbishley or Poyet or maybe Dave Jones. All have experience of a promotion campaign and operating under money restraints.