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  • Roger Roger Jun 18, 2011 12:25 Flag

    Get with the Programme..NOW!!!!!!

    All week long all I have heard and seen is McLeish McLeish McLeish... vile vile vile!!! NOTHING about Brum other than compensation.
    The clock is ticking TIME is getting shorter by the day and we need to focus on a new manager a new team and a new approach to meet the difficult task of the Championship and promotion which will take a massive effort AGAIN!!!
    The board has got to get its finger out and get moving F**k McLeish and the vile.....He's history!!
    I am fed up of seeing and hearing about this crap we are Birmingham City not the Sh*te up the road.
    Pannu, Young, GET WITH THE PROGRAMME!!!
    Lets see things moving get yer wallet out OR P**S OFF and let someone who has a heart in this CLUB take over
    (Many supporters suffer in silence following this club its time to speak up)


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