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  • Pikey Pikey Jun 23, 2011 12:37 Flag

    Chris Hughton

    Thankfully the board have appointed a manager that 99% of fans wanted to see.
    Hopefully CH will soon mould the side into a team capable of gaining promotion.
    On his previous form, we are in good hands.
    I was impressed by the dossier he had compiled on every player, including the youths, so when it came to the interview he was already well versed and had valuable insight into the club, staff and players.
    This speaks volumes.
    Over the next few weeks CH will start to shape the team. There will be sales, perhaps one or two that will raise eyebrows. But CH seems to know his onions.
    By the time August comes around the club must be ready to hit the ground running. As we found out last season, every point is a valuable point.
    This is the time we, as supporters play our part.
    As I said at the start of this article, it is refreshing that a Board listens to the fans and acts accordingly.
    A united ship is a happy ship.

    We're on our way...


    I take the quietness around here is mainly due to the crap that is continuously posted.
    Personally, I have found a much better site where banter is refreshing, original, and the site is actively moderated.
    Let me know if you want details.

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    • PP, Hi just read your message regards an E-mail.
      No problems to you sending E-mail
      Chris aka BD

    • Stevey,
      Can you either text me or email that site again mate, I lost the link



    • Nice to see the board have acted promptly on this and got a popular man for the job, is that a good footballing decision or did they listen to the fans? Either way it is the right choice.
      His style of football was well appreciated Newcastle and they can be a hard bunch to please, he is up along Sir Bryan Robson as Newcastle managers.

      He certainly seems to know his stuff and was astute in the transfer market at Newcastle plus the youth players that were bought through too.
      I think we are all resigned to losing some of our quality players, I wonder with all the hype surrounding the last few days and the devotion that was shown to a certain prolific striker for not scoring if he is the one that will be dashing across the city, is he one to raise eyebrows or flags.

      Speculation is quiet as to a war chest being available, is this because there isn’t one or they are keeping quiet to avoid criticism?

      If it goes wrong then the manager will say “I wasn’t supported with funds”, if it’s a success the board will say “ we backed the manager in everything he asked for”

      Hopefully it will be a balanced successful partnership, with promotion at the 1st time of asking.
      Like you I am looking forward to the new season now, to quote your earlier posting, “it should be quite interesting”

      I too am disgruntled with some of the postings that have been placed and some of the puerile attitudes.

      Maybe they will alter now we have a serious point for discussion.


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      • I don't think a certain non-scoring striker will cross the city.
        He might move further north, perhaps Stoke.
        The question is, does he want to stay?
        Personally, I think under a new manager who wants to play attacking Football there could well be a place for CJ.
        CH is a great motivator. We all saw Jerome as a different player with different tactics.
        4-5-1 just did not work for him and it was McJudas' insistence to keep playing him up front, alone, that did absolutely zilch for his confidence.
        Hughton will play an entirely different system. One suited to Jerome's style of play.
        You know, when we let a player like Jerome go, they join a team who play to their strengths and guess what?....
        Why not give the lad until Christmas and see what happens under a new regime.


    • Good message steve, i fully believe that CH will get us back to the prem even if we have to sell one or two "top players"
      After all that has happened over the past two weeks we need to get behind CH and show him what true fans are.
      I have one final wish that will make my day, Mcleish comes back to buy Jerome (we can dream)
      I only occasionaly leave messages because most threads are hijacked by idiots and timewasters, Where is this other site please steve?