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  • busdriver busdriver Jul 2, 2011 14:16 Flag

    Trouble and strife and football.

    I live in an area where football is black and white, supporters with passion.
    Newcastle United spent some time in the media with the antics of their owner,
    Whatever happened to our game?
    The owners were your local business man who shared the same passion and desire.
    Now football is on another planet, since Sky TV ploughed millions into game we have had all sorts of owners, Russian oil magnates, Americans, Asian chicken farmers, Sultans of the Middle East and a Barber from Hong Kong.
    The latter is the latest to bring our once great game to shame by being accused of money laundering around $58 million.
    Everyone concerned with the running of Birmingham City insist that there is nothing to worry about, hopefully not, Smoke and Fire jumps up and smacks you, especially if you look at when the said barber came to the attention of the then owners, Messer’s Gold and Sullivan. It took him 2 years to purchase the club.
    Now, hindsight is a wonderful thing and the business dealings of clubs like Leeds Utd, Portsmouth should have taught the regulators of football i.e. The Premier League and The Football League, how quickly things can turn bad.
    They bought about the “Fit and Proper Person Test”, was the person or persons themselves fit and proper, since football is still being dragged down by some shady owners and dealings.
    Is there a real answer to all this.
    In short NO!
    We will never go back to football only on Saturday 3.00 pm kick offs, and the passionate local business man can’t compete with the multi millionaires and their bottomless pits to even consider buying into a football club.
    Sadly it is no longer a sport for the average working man/woman.
    Whatever decisions to clean up the ownership of football clubs it is the true supporters that always end up suffering.
    Why should a club suffer point reductions which usually ends in relegation and even further loss of earnings and revenue because of an owners little game with his new toy?.
    Football needs to go back to its grass roots, give the game back to the people who really care… THE SUPPORTERS.
    I remember the late Trevor Hockey taking a couple of young supporters home after a game because he lived near them. Would you see today’s mega rich footballers do that, or stand at the school gates to collect their children and walk them home via the park, not likely!
    The days when you would meet your hero in your local shop or pub are gone, sit on the bus home with an England International and chat about everyday subjects or the price of a loaf… these players today are totally out of touch with the true supporter.
    I have been on many a motorway service station and had tea with players travelling back after an away game, even the 1st million pound player Trevor Francis was seen in many a motorway service station and sign autographs, the supporters were the people that mattered then.
    Now it’s the sponsors and advertising companies, a club may be paying high wages but that is nothing compared to the commercial companies, they won’t have to buy a pub or corner shop when they finished playing.
    And when these billionaires finish playing owners it will be the true supporter who will still be paying through the turnstile to watch their beloved team, whether it be the Premier League or Conference League, they are what make a club.
    Lets stop all this foreign influx, we introduced Football to the world so let us take the ball back and play in our own back yards until the rest see sense.
    Put the money back in to schools and amateur football, what ever happened to playing fields that anyone can have a kick about.

    Time for Football to give something back to the real people who care…. THE FANS

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    • Good stuff, busdriver, couldn't agree more. The game's merely show business now with foreign magnets moving cash around for personal gain. The national side is a fuskcing embarrassment and the longer the likes of Man City, Chelsea, continue to scour the world for instant success dismissing our young players, the worse it will get.
      H---pissed right off.