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  • busdriver busdriver Jul 8, 2011 18:52 Flag

    Life begins with Cris Hughton

    Good idea with Woodgate Jim, he has experience too’
    All these rumours about who is going where will not do the team building or spirit any good at all.
    I believe Zigic is off to Spain, pity really I was beginning to like him, yet another one season wonder, what ever happened to loyalty.
    Players have clauses written into their contracts regards to relegation so why don’t clubs have a similar clause.
    Better still why sign a 3 year contract then leave after only a season, surely a contract is for the duration regardless.

    Terry Twell, my fondest memory was against Portsmouth when he let a shot from about the half way line through his arms.
    We signed the player for the next game. I think he only played 2 first team games, we lost the second 4-0 if my memory is correct.


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    • Woodgate and Hargreaves could be on pay as you play basis.
      I thought Twell only played one game,i might be wrong, even so it was a disaster.
      Contracts mean nothing these days, the players have all the power. I think Zigic would have had a good second season also i think that beausejour has got the hang of English football and could be a surprise package he is a Chile international after all.