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  • busdriver busdriver Jul 8, 2011 12:09 Flag

    Life begins with Cris Hughton

    Can someone kindly inform Eurosport that we now have a new Manager in Chris Hughton.
    Why are we not looking at Owen Hargreaves, surely we could get a decent deal sorted as he is desperate to prove his worth, look at Stephen Carr, he has done a sterling job for us.
    Seems everyone is snapping up the basement bargains while we still wait for the pound shop to open.
    In the interests of Birmingham City lets see some action, we will still be losing players and haven’t even got a decent no2 keeper for Foster let alone should we be left with Doyle. He always reminds me of Terry Twell.

    Good to that all this foreign business has nothing to do with the Blues but may affect the holding company, so some concerns there for a while but nothing too serious.

    What is happening to the money from the sale of Gardner, hope some will go back to Chris who can use it towards restructuring?


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    • How many will he be able to take,

    • I remember it well. Have been a bluenose for 50 years so have been through it all. Even these worrying times make for an interesting summer. CH takes the team to Ireland this week how many will be left to come back?

    • Seeing CH in the middle of training is like a breath of fresh air.
      When McJudas was here would tell us "I've heard so and so was good in training or I've been told the session went well"
      How do you train people from the office.
      CH would still be in the middle if he had 10 other trainers here.

      Looking at some of the names mentioned. Good enough players but in the present climate at Stans it ain't gonna happen.
      We are basically broke. There is a £40m shortfall from revenue in the Prem. Apart from advertising, season tickets, parachute payments and corporation events there is no other income at Blues.
      Our outgoings far exceed our incoming.
      We will sell the top players for as much as possible just to keep afloat. Dann is almost a dead cert to go. Maybe Zigic for a loss just to get him off the wage roll. That's why Bowyer and Phillips were released immediately.
      We will have to shop in the Bargain Basement for now. Until at least the finances are sorted out. CH will receive some financial aid but not the millions we have seen before. We will also use the loan system to the max.I know there is usually a small fee but their wages are mainly paid by the parent club.
      We can pick up two or three good under 23's on a season long loan like we did with Larsson, Muamba and whatshisname from Arsenal.

      This brings us to Carson Yeung. Charged with money laundering. Apparently he was only claiming A few thousand pounds over several bank accounts to pay tax on the balance.
      By moving the money around, from the Cayman Islands to Honk Kong Mainland he (allegedly) laundered the money.
      So we can add tax evasion and fraud to the list if he is successfully charged.
      Then comes his assets being frozen by the HK government. Does this only go as far as his personal fortune or does it go to all assets including companies like BIHL.
      If it does include BIHL then we are effectively stopped from trading as the main shareholder is incapacitated. We could be deemed as being placed into administration by the FA. This means points deductions.
      This is only the worse case scenario. But it is still too close for comfort.

      So until all this is resolved we will be known as Bargain Basement Blues.


    • Jim, you might remember an old song, I think Trevor Hockey did a cover version too.

      “Wind, Rain, Sleet or Snow
      Family tradition says I have to got
      Its in my blood and I don’t care
      If the Blues are paying I’ll be there”

      Well I’ve seen good, bad and downright torturous but I am still and always be a Bluenose.
      We should all know by now that nothing is straight forward with Birmingham City, that why it’s so interesting to follow them.


    • Good and valid points from AH and BD. I would not normally look at players with massive injury records but i think that we have to take what we can get. It does appear that all the news is about who is leaving and not joining.
      I hope CH knew the whole picture when he joined or he could be looking for a way out. His backroom staff are not sorted he is taking all training on his own.
      However we must be positive and kkep the faith.

    • I’m sure if there were other options then we would hear about imminent signings or deals in the pipe-line.
      All we seem to be hearing is who is linked to going where, which has got to be unsettling for the small squad we have.
      Yes a long hard season ahead, optimistically a better season than last and another promotion.
      Normally I’m a half glass full guy, right up to the last kick of last season I believed we would stay up, I even checked for any corrections to score-lines hoping I was hearing wrong.
      This season is going to be even tougher and with a depleted squad and a venture into Europe which, pessimistically, I feel will not provide our squad much joy.
      Hopefully we will do exceptionally well and prove those deserters they were wrong.
      It all seems very quiet at St Andrews these days, even Eurosport are posting vile news on our page.
      Is Chris and his gang keeping everything very close to their chests and surprise us with an exceptional squad or has he seen the black hole he has landed in and seeking an escape clause.


    • Fair and valid comments, bus. But why waste time on money on a gamble when you know what's required to battle your way back out of the Championship---it's a long season.

    • Agree with you BD regarding Hargreaves, i also read that Jonathon Woodgate is a free agent ( must be worth a punt)
      Bloody hell Terry Twell that brings back memories (not good ones)
      CH appears to be looking at players with previous promotion experience hence Caldwell signing.
      Why are we linking Jerome with Dann for Stoke, just let Jerome go now that we have our own Rooney.
      Foster,Dann, Jerome and Johnson seem to be on their way almost every day but no or little mention of others such as Ferguson, Zigic who must be looking elsewhere. If we lose too many very close to deadline day we will be unable to put a team out.

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      • Good idea with Woodgate Jim, he has experience too’
        All these rumours about who is going where will not do the team building or spirit any good at all.
        I believe Zigic is off to Spain, pity really I was beginning to like him, yet another one season wonder, what ever happened to loyalty.
        Players have clauses written into their contracts regards to relegation so why don’t clubs have a similar clause.
        Better still why sign a 3 year contract then leave after only a season, surely a contract is for the duration regardless.

        Terry Twell, my fondest memory was against Portsmouth when he let a shot from about the half way line through his arms.
        We signed the player for the next game. I think he only played 2 first team games, we lost the second 4-0 if my memory is correct.