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  • Tilton Tilton Jul 11, 2011 13:51 Flag

    Super Kev joins Blackpool.

    Bowyer has gone to Ipswich. Johnson going to the Dingles. What a joke. We are the SECOND largest City in the UK, yet our team will be a SECOND rate bunch of mid table chumpionship team, which will take years to reverse.

    Wages Steve? I agree the cloth needs to be cut accordingly, but if Blackpool can afford Kev, and Lee Bowyers wages are taken on by Ipswich..WTF are we doing.??..looking for a potential Gary Bull again...?? We still have the parachute payments to carry over wages...this is a disaster, Steve,,,we are not going to get back up 1st attempt this time. Charlton, Boro, Luton, Leeds, Forest, Leicester....all famous names from the past who have fallen from the top, and still trying to get back. selling or GIVING AWAY our better players is not the way forward.

    Suppose we could always win the Auto Windscreen again...if its still called that.

    Dis-illisioned or what ?

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    • Nige.
      How are ya?

      During last season Yeung had to borrow off his own company to pump money into BIHL.
      He also sold some of his shares. He started with 29.9% and reduced this to 23% by the time we reached the end of the season.
      He tried to float our parent company on the HK stock exchange but the interest was so low that Yeung was forced to abandon the idea just days before his arrest.
      This means he is down by around £50m. what he has put into the club since he took over. He tried to claw some back like I said above.
      Now since relegation we have a £40m budget deficit. Mainly due to monies we wont receive from TV deals and league placings. Even more if you count advertising and merchandise.
      This in turn means we are just about broke. We may have enough to pay wages and keep the club going.
      One way to reduce outgoings is to slash the wage bill. Phillips, Bowyer already gone.
      Zigic to go, Johnson and Gardner sold.
      With Johnson and Gardner we get some money back. Not all in one go but probably half up front and the rest on appearances etc.
      More will yet go. Ridgewell is strongly linked to WBA today. Foster? Dann? Jerome? Beausejour? Who knows at this stage.
      Our wage bill alone is over £32M. That's just the first team, not including board members, reserves, juniors, office, cleaners, even the proverbial tea lady. Then there's the electric bill, gas bill, maintenance. Stadium.
      Add to all this Yeung allegedly gets money by illegal gains and deposits it in Cayman Bank accounts. He moves it around and around. Now its on spin and dry and hey presto its turned up in Mainland HK accounts.
      He gets arrested. Could be charged. Goes to jail. Assets frozen but this could include his other dodgy businesses. BIHL could be among them.
      In turn BCFC could be seen as an asset and we all know from Portsmouth what happens next.
      We need the Billionairess Pollyann, the major shareholder of BIHL to step forward and take control from CY. She could readily appoint a chairman to front the company(BCFC)
      One thing Yeung has already done is lay the foundation in China and HK to tap untold wealth. She would probably have more clout and contacts than he ever had.

      You are right Nige. We do need to cut our cloth but far closer to the stitch lines than any of us thought. But be careful though, one slip and everything becomes unravelled.


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      • That about sums it up Steve, but unfortunately if we will sink further into the abyss now, and I can't see it being a short term relegation, maybe even a trip into the lower division again. I am not hopeful about our chances this year. My guess for promotion would be West Ham, Leeds and Leicester.,,,Us ?

        13th or there abouts.

        How am I ? Suicidal now the jewels are on the move.....otherwise...Keeping Right On !