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  • Tilton Tilton Jul 10, 2011 14:20 Flag

    Super Kev joins Blackpool.


    So WTF is all this about. ? A player who will now score goals to get the Tangerines, not the Blues back into the Prem. Are we that well off for strikers that we couldnt offer Kev another 12 month contract ? Astonishing really that another DJ Campbell situation will occur. Oh well, I feel dis-illusioned with it all already. The owner Yeung is looking at a stretch...we GIVE AWAY our best players, and buy....or sign who ?

    Being the ultimate pessimist, I can see Johnson, Danns, Ferguson and Foster off soon. and all we will be left with will be Jerome and a few wannabees.

    Someone pass the rope...

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    • Oh No....Ive been cloned . Oh my, what shall I do !!

      Well anyone can tell the difference eh...an 's' after 'road' show's who is the imposter.

    • I couldn’t agree more, Bowyer might haunt us too as he is being lined up at Ipswich.
      There are a lot of useful players being shouted about by clubs that would appear to be in a precarious position in the cash department.
      Where are we looking, waiting for the local Sunday teams to start, mind some of their strikers are better than Jerome.
      He had his chance and I think it is time Jerome admits it too, he has gone stale and hasn’t anything extra to give for Birmingham.
      Good luck to KP, just don’t score against us.
      Maybe we are not being given the full facts behind Yeung’s situation.
      PP reckons he is only a front man, well I think whoever is the person with the purse strings stops hiding and reassures the real people of Birmingham City… That’s us the supporter.
      If Foster does go who will be between the sticks?
      A keeper who can’t catch, behind a defence that will have more holes than a colander with a striker who can’t score.
      Bring back Karen Brady at least she was decent looking.


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      • Kevs wages too high as were Bowyers.
        Jerome will be a better player in a 4-4-2 side.
        He scored 11 when partnered with Chucho and scored in cup games this season when McJudas dropped his 4-5-1.
        Jerome is not a bad player, he was made to look bad a by negative, boring and clueless tactician in Eck.
        Zigic and Fergusson will go too, higher wages again.
        If you look at all the players left, they had a relegation clause in their contract to play at fizzy pop salary.
        Anybody else sold will be purely for business reasons and CH might get a small percentage to help towards rebuilding.
        This could easily turn into a Wheldon or Kumar type era.
        I hope I'm wrong.
        I knew this was going to be an interesting summer. Not anything like this though.

        Nige, hows it hanging?