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  • jim jim Jul 11, 2011 17:42 Flag

    Roger Johnson

    Can't beleive that we are selling one of our best players to the WOLVES!!! What is going on? If Johnson sees this as progress then we are in deeper s**t than i feared.Or has he little say in the move as we need the money. Wolves are coming down this season so he will find himself in the same situation.
    UNBELIEVABLE or is it?
    The road is getting longer and harder

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    • And...so it continues...the exit door is spinning, and Johnson now gone, the best are leaving. Head count so far makes sad reading.......those coming in....are they any better...or even as good.?

      I hope so....watching 3rd Division football in front of 5000 crowds was crap last time out....

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      • The last times we were relegated we had Sully and Gold, who despite their faults backed the club to keep the best players and have a bloody good shot at promotion. It worked.
        Today we have a board that cannot invest because the Chairman is under arrest in HK and has had his passport taken away and assets about to be very deeply chilled.
        We got relegated. We have a £32M+ wage bill for the senior squad. We are £40M short from last season because of losing our Prem status.
        We must balance the books. We must sell or release the highest earners and sell the players who will fetch the most to fill the £40M hole.
        Its either that or the club cannot pay wages then the receivers come in. We get deducted points and with the owners unable to invest we go bust.
        I would rather sell a few and bring in cheaper options on less wages and rebuild.
        Whether it takes one season or ten to get back up at least there will still be a Birmingham City. . . . . In the Blue Square or somewhere.