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  • Tilton Tilton Jul 22, 2011 21:47 Flag

    Ferguson now moves to Blackpool.

    I hope Paul trollope and Chris Hughton bought their boots with them, looks like they will need them.

    I still can't believe that we were all over the moon last last Jan, cloud 9 after the cup win, and the European adventure won't last long either now its a memory, reality is that we are sinking fast.....faster than Pompey if something isn't done to plug it fast !

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    • Seems to me no one cares, not a lot of news coming out of the corridors of power at St Andrews only players with their boots..
      Is it true that this season’s half time prize is a game the following week, but you have to pay your own travel expenses?

      Joking aside, is their any sign of a light at the end of the tunnel, or even a glimmer?

      We have been here before when the last owners took over they had to break the locks off the gates if I remember.

      Let us hope the Europe visits are not a laughing stock, we were proud when we went to Europe the last time.