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  • Tilton Tilton Jul 27, 2011 23:15 Flag

    So that's it.

    Well put BD......I really hope some good comes out of this mess, but at the moment, I can only see a trip to play the likes of MK Dons and Co in the next tier down..

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    • Depending on whom we have left after the transfer window closes will depend on the start to the season we have.
      Come the January transfer window we will, hopefully have a little spare cash and may be look in the pound shop for some shop soiled throw outs ( bit like bargain hunt, you can find some cheap little treasures).
      I was 100% certain we could pull off a last minute stay of execution, but alas, we used all our lives up winning the Carling Cup, as nice as it was at the time and hindsight is a wonderful thing, we would have been better going out in the first round.
      CH is a good manager and motivator, you only have to see what he achieved at Newcastle, he is a good tactician and bargain hunter, so I fancy a bottom 6 finish,
      Just one question, is it in the rules that we have to field all males now, why not put the ladies side out in the cup games… After all, they are top of their league and affiliated to the F.A.