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  • Tilton Tilton Jul 26, 2011 12:54 Flag

    So that's it.

    Looks like Blues are going into the new season with 'what's left' of last seasons squad, plus Marlon King, and a couple of others who I don't know much about. Are we going to be good enough to challenge....or even stay in the division without crashing and burning, and making any sort of impact on Europe ?

    Comments please :-

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    • Sorry tilts with the way the board are talking its relegation for the blues they look as fragile as the country our chairman comes from (China}.

    • Talk about the winter of discontent this has to be the summer of discount, players going for less than their value and it still isn’t over.
      Looks like Foster will be at the Albion, Danns is wanted by Liverpool and Stoke, who also want Jerome (why I don’t know).
      Reports that Carr is considering an offer and Ridgewell is not safe after the breaking news (just confirming what we all had been saying), the only thing not mentioned is regards administration, and I think that is coming when panoo gets back from Hong Kong.
      Every day there is more and more speculation that I try to find a positive out of all this.
      Err… very difficult to play with your hands tied behind your back…
      I think watching the Blues play under CH is looking better than we were but that’s about as much as I can muster, hopefully when the main games start CH will know his team, at the moment he is playing players who he knows will be there for the kick off.
      The sooner the window closes the better now from a playing point of view. Washerwoman Yeung is in court the 11th but that is only the start, this could go on for a minimum 12/18 months so the sooner someone with a few 100 million comes forward the better.
      We all lambasted the Gold’s and Sullivan they at least knew how to balance the books and left us with a nice stadium and money in the bank.
      This shower is worse than Wheldon and the Kumar’s’ put together.

      Keep right on to the end of a very bumpy long road, but we will come out of it, maybe not smelling of roses but we will overcome as the song goes.