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  • Roger Roger Jul 28, 2011 10:36 Flag


    Listening to Peter Pannu's recent comments about hard decisions ahead for Blues, I am of the opinion the club will be put into Administration because of the Carson affair and maybe sold for a £1.00 as has been the case with past clubs in financial difficulties and we will suffer the points deduction as a penalty.

    Having been at the Carling Cup Final and the joy it brought to all Blues fans how could this be a posibility so quickly after this momentous event?

    I will be gutted to say the least, if this happens.

    In the interim, I 'Challenge' Peter Pannu and the Board of Directors at Birmingham City Holdings Limited to deny this is not going to be the course of action they intend to take!!!!!!!!

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    • I for one hope that someone comes along and buys CY's shares,
      He owns around 26% of BIHL and his shares were worth £12M when his assets were frozen.
      I hope someone comes in and buys CY out of the club.
      Whether he is guilty or innocent does not matter. He needs to go and play fools roulette and take chances with another venture away from Birmingham.
      I think after his court case, the club can start to invest in the future. While CY is in limbo, so is the club.

      Thankfully HSBC bank will not be selling the ground and surrounding land to pay off the debt owed to them by Yeung.
      If anything it it seen as a surety for the future.
      The sooner this mess is cleared up the better for everyone. Least of all the people who pay their wages. Us, the fans.