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  • busdriver busdriver Aug 3, 2011 18:32 Flag

    Transfer Policy

    They turned it down after they were threatened with legal action under the trades description act, under the heading Striker for sale.


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    • I know you all do not rate Jerome,
      I do.
      Its easy to pick out the half a dozen chances he failed to put away, but in reality there were rarely any chances created.
      Under McJudas' style of 4-5-1 do not lose mentality we had a bank of four defenders just a few yards behind a bank of five midfielders.
      Jerome was 100 yds up the pitch. Alone. On his own. Bored. Lonely. Frustrated.
      Then all of a sudden, one of our nine defenders would whack the ball up field, towards the opponents corner flag and 'whoosh' Jerome was after it like a greyhound after a fluffy hare.
      If he ever caught up with it (the ball) he had no-one to pass to (all still 100yds behind play) and three or four opponents defenders getting the ball off him or forcing him into a mistake.
      Now Re-wind twelve months. When Chucho played as a strike partner in a 4-4-2. record unbeaten run, 5 wins on the trot, scoring goals throughout the team including Jerome.
      Then McJudas decided to play his 4-5-1 again and the season petered off with a whimper. Euro League qualification was within our grasp but the 'do not lose' mentality had started to settle in.
      And so it continued for the next season and ultimately relegation.
      We did win the cup. But only because McJudas played in an attacking line up. Exciting to watch.
      Back to today. Jerome will do the business in an attacking line up with a strike partner to play off or to make runs for. History proves that. Both at Blues and Cardiff.
      Give the bloke a break and support him in the new look Blues. You might just be surprised.

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      • Hi Pikey,
        I would love to be proved wrong by Jerome, if he does stay and score 15 - 20 this season no one would be more happy. Or his undoubted pace could cause openings for others. But i am not holding my breath.
        He did look totally fed up at the end of last season. CH will definately be more attck minded. CJ could play well alongside Rooney or King (when fit!!)
        I am hoping against hope that Dann stays, if he does our back four will have a familiar look to it, midfield looks competent for the championship, its just up front that worries me again.
        We will soon see!!