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  • busdriver busdriver Aug 9, 2011 14:22 Flag

    All Quiet On The Eastern Front

    It seems to have gone very quiet on the Eastern front; I know CY is in court again on Thursday so nothing new on that front. However, Mr Pannu should have got back from Hong Kong and I would have expected the very least a press statement on our current predicament.
    Players are still leaving or expected to leave; we have had an investment of a 6 million glorified I.O.U., so does this mean the crisis is over or have just bought some time for the inevitable.
    I keep hearing rumours, 10 points deduction, a new consortium is being set up, all us faithful true bluenoses want to hear is the truth, its time the club stopped hiding and faced us, and after all, we will still be here long after they have gone.
    We are all adults and if there is major problems them surely we have a right to know since we are the people who put our hands in our pockets week in week out for the cause of Birmingham City.
    We are supposed to be looking for bargains with a very inexperienced squad why are we not looking at Upson, I know we sold him but he has experience and is available as a replacement for Danns, why didn’t we offer Carew an opportunity to stay in the midlands.
    Rival teams are snatching all the good bargains while we just keep the revolving door well oiled for more exits, Jerome to Bolton and Danns to Liverpool, come Saturday it will be the first to turn up with their boots can have a seat on the bench.


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    • I think you have said it all BD. We, the true fans, deserve to know what is going on. I see that CY has been refused permission to travel to the UK to watch the game, he must be deluded if he thinks he wont get a "welcome".
      Scott Dann looks to be on his way Arsenal/Liverpool whichever paper you read.
      Having said that i think that Davies/Caldwell could be a good duo. Another defender looks to be coming in (Gardener) where are the forwards we desperately need, at this rate we might have to use Jerome!!
      Still three points on Saturday will help.
      Always the optimist.