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  • Unfortunately Jim Birmingham seem to have a habit of helping teams over their problems I.e. never won a game in ages, you can guarantee that when we turn up that ends…
    Will we see the strikers fit; they had 6 weeks off come back injured and still not fit…. Zigic was injured before the season ended.
    They are not injured, in my opinion; it is just an excuse not to play them, King I do not like or want anyway.
    Why didn’t we just sell some and keep Philips… he will come back and haunt us…. Show the board what an error they made and the traitor too….
    Why don’t we offer Maik Taylor a game-by-game contract, I believe he is still training with the Blues.
    Things have gone too quiet again and I get the feeling that one heck of a bombshell is about to be dropped by this board…. Please I hope I am so wrong…


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    • Good point about Taylor, also is McFadden still training with them or has he gone elsewhere?
      Mutch now out for 3 months, Gomis also out, have not heard of new loanee where will it end?
      Maybe tomorrow will lift some gloom, i hope so.