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  • busdriver busdriver Aug 29, 2011 16:48 Flag

    v Watford

    I feel 2 points given away than one point gained, Chris Hughton is not blaming Myhill, and he has to say that…. Foster made a blunder and admitted it, Hodgeson, was diplomatic, but blamed him indirectly…. I blame the board for making such a deal happen….
    Myhill was never a good understudy let alone a No1…
    Tiredness is blamed…. I am tired too… tired of feeble excuses from highly paid athletes who cannot perform for 180 mins of football a week….
    Go watch non-league clubs where players work for 40 hours a week, train 2 nights a week and still perform, for expenses… and fun… and a love of the game
    I use to play 3 times a week and hold down a full time job….
    I can only assume Caldwell was injured… depending on which TV channel you watched or paper you read was Danns injured, was he going to play… as it happened he never even got on the bench…
    Everyone has highlighted the lack of strikers…. Jerome (I do not like him) started on the bench… He was our first choice striker over real goal scorers last season (i.e. KP). Surely, at Watford the way there season has started were there for the taking… CH talks about confidence, we had a great night Thursday and should have been brimming with it, and Watford had not earned a point at home were lacking it… do we feel sorry for every team …. Come on blues we are better than all the others in this league… we have a determination to battle and win… lets see it on the pitch every week.
    Meanwhile CH please do some serious hunting for a No1 or persuade Maik Taylor to take the jersey again….


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    • Definately 2 points lost, we have been in front and in control in all 3 away games so far but do not have the ability to hold on or be consistent all game.
      Myhill is a liability and will continue to cost us points, although he had nothing to do on Thursday he still made me nervous.
      Dann is not injured, CH is under orders not to play him so he can be sold as fit!
      One positive is that we know have a few home games to pick up some points.

    • The man is a liability, BD. If we dont get a decent keeper soon, it will be fizzy pop next season too !