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  • Tilton Tilton Sep 1, 2011 16:43 Flag

    So thats that.


    What a shambles...What about Liam Ridgewell, have I missed that one because surely he must be wondering what he did wrong to be left behind. We now have a team with ... Who?...in Goal.
    Who?...in defence...
    Who?....in midfield
    Who?....in attack

    Talk about accepting the inevitable. Dig in lads...this ship is going to get rocky.

    Wonder if Carson Yeung would find it more comfortable in a nice warm cell ?

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    • No big surprises Tilts, at least we kept Ridgewell and Beausejour.
      Not heard of the players bought in.
      What has happened to the monies from the Danns and Jerome deals?
      Had to laugh on the sky report when Dave Bassett was asked about the strikers at Stoke and he could not remember Jerome’s name.
      That was after Tony Pullis had spoken about the signing of two great strikers, has been watching different games…. Alternatively, old video’s from his Cardiff days.
      Anyway, the window is now shut so what we have will have to work hard to get us back into the Premiership.
      Yeung would be a fool to turn up at any games and not expect any abuse.
      Best place for him is China, unless he has come to sell the club.