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  • Is this a English thing making excuses before kick off
    if you do not want to play do not put a team out. the team tonight had no enthusiasm for the match in hand. i personally feel blues should be find by euafa for not taking the match serously

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    • I think you are being a little too harsh; however, they did not play with the passion we know they have but that was down to many factors.
      There were a few changes and some of the new players were not up for it. We have to be reasonable about this, do we want promotion or Europe. We have a long hard slog till next May and with the squad we have could do without these games, but we have to put a team out, Steven Carr had an off game last night, Rooney was the wrong side of the post and the resulting goal kick went into our net. I feel that Myhill could have done better with that since he got both hands to it.
      An early goal conceded in the second have was a bit of bad luck and makes a mockery of the offside rule as the scorer was off side initially but for some reason was not involved in the play, again I thought Myhill should have had the a better position as the 1st ball came over.
      We got a goal and the inevitable happened when pushing for an equaliser, we were caught from a break.
      Nathan Redmond was a handful all night and was unlucky not to score.
      I thought the team we put out gave a fair account of themselves.
      The crowd were also a little quieter for long spells too, may be we are all pacing ourselves, but it was good to see so many in the ground again.


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      • How can anyone complain about losing in Europe to the team who not only finished runners up last season but are favourites to win this time around.
        Braga are a very good team make no mistake, they pressed better than we did and scored when the chance arose where we sat back too much, gave them too much respect in the first hour and were not as good in front of goal.
        The ref was awful and missed too many fouls and missed an intentional hand ball by Lima who was already on a yellow card.
        I felt N'Daw was overwhelmed by the occasion and the game passed him by. Spector struggled to hold the midfield on his own and Elliot played well enough but the understanding between him and Carr was not there.
        The game changed when Wood and Burke came on and after we scored it seemed we would get an equalizer. There was one shot about 10 minutes from time that flew around the area and flashed just wide and from where we sat on the Kop corner we thought it was in.
        All in all a super performance and nothing to be ashamed of. CH has a squad at last that he can rotate when possible and its better to bring in new blood in the Euro League than in the Championship where those games matter the most.
        Noiseblue, sit back and enjoy the Euro trip. You might never see another one!
        Would you rather CH play the same team week in week out and risk burn out or injuries or make sensible changes to keep the squad fresh for more important matters?
        As for the crowd being quiet, perhaps it was not always picked up on the cameras but it was singing from the start to their 3rd goal then a rousing Keep Right On as the teams left the field.
        Here's another video I shot just before kick off. It's a bit shakey and I don't think it'll get cameraman of the year award.