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  • nosieblue nosieblue Sep 25, 2011 10:16 Flag

    Vs Man City

    Pikey/Bd/Jim very good points i said as much about Carr 2 years ago and three about Ridgewell. unsure about C.H liked what he did at Newcastle but seemsto be with the fairies at the prescent. K.R.O.

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    • I think you are being unfair on CH, after everything that has gone on over the summer he has a team that is trying to play attractive and attacking football.
      He can only utilise the tools he has and has done quite well rebuilding a team with no money.
      He still has the loan window open, so there is still a chance to bring in some more players.
      I do not think that CH had much say in the comings and goings, as at least two players were on Mctraitors recommendations.

    • That might be a bit harsh Noiseblue,
      CH can only work with whats left after the board decide who to sell for a pittance to fill their own black hole of debt.
      Considering the turn over of players we are doing OK.
      We should'nt expect any different until Yeung is either found not guilty and his asets unfrozen or he is charged and the club is sold.
      Noiseblue, who in your opinion should be the boss if not Hughton?