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    Applause in the 23rd minute at Brugge away

    To all Brummies who will be there on the 20 October, I would like to ask a favour in showing respect in what's been one of the darkest pages in FC Bruges history.
    On the 8 of May 2008 our center forward striker Francois Sterchele lost his life in a tragic carcrash, he was only 26 years old and playing Bruges for only 8 months.
    He was one of the biggest Belgian talents at that time, and made it to the Belgian squad as well.
    He was the most popular player at that time in Bruges, although he was only there less then one season, he stole all Bruges fans' hearts by being his friendly modest self.
    His shirtnumber at that time was 23 and in every game Bruges have played since we show our respect by applauding the 23'th minute.
    My question now to all Brummies who will be there in the Stadium, it would be wonderful and a huge sign of respect if you guys participate by clapping in the 23'th minute.
    Not every visiting club is aware of that habbit so that's why I want to let you guys know, I do know that fairplay and showing respect is still a big issue to UK footballteams and all credits to that, you're an example for other countries on that point of vieuw.
    It rarely happens that the visiting teams participate, but when it happens it's almost a magic moment.