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  • He is a 11 year old boy from Birmingham who has cancer and unfortunately I think nothing can be done about it.
    He is a very good,brilliantly brave young lad and he gave away his Make A Wish to another kid who had cancer.
    Brilliant kid.
    So Blues fans are planning on singing 'One Harry Moseley,theres only one Harry Moseley' during the game and also maybe a minutes silence so I ask all Birmingham City fans going to Leicster City at St Andrews to please pay your tributes to this wonderful boy.
    Keep Right On Harry.

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    • Have just read that Harry passed away saturday night.
      We must go ahead with the tribute next week and maybe the club will organise something.
      I just hope that Harry is now having a kick about with all the other late bluenose legends at St Andrews heaven.
      KRO & RIP.

    • He battles on in life and is an inspiration to all those he comes into contact with.
      He has put Birmingham on the map in more ways than one and raised hundreds of thousands of pounds.
      The walk of stars isn’t about the famous or big names, it is about people who are shining stars, in life, work and health.
      All the best Harry and you keep everyone smiling… God Bless

      I support Harry and think it is a wonderful gesture to someone so dear to the hearts of the people of Birmingham....
      This is the sort of thing that brings us all together.

      KRO Harry

    • It brings back memory's of the unfortuate Ian Handysides, who died of cancer when a Blues player with a tremendous future in front of him. I remember being at his testimonial on the old Railway End...and seeing Ian come out to acknowledge the support for his cause. He died not long after.

      RIP Ian Handysides...He was a legend in the making.

    • MASSIVE thumbs up.
      Ive been keeping tabs on Harry via the Tom Ross page on facebook.
      Cracking idea..Brave kid.