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  • Pikey Pikey Oct 21, 2011 12:38 Flag

    Top of group H

    What a night of Europa League Football for Blues.
    A great game that had almost everything.
    Their early goal, and wasn't it well taken?
    I thought then we would get stuffed because for the next ten or fifteen minutes we wetre chasing shadows.
    Then we started to believe, the training ground corner that Fahey fired over and one or two more attacks and you could see the confidence growing.
    Up steps Murphy to equalize after great work by Burke. The tv volume goes up a notch to get into the real atmosphere.
    Rooney, Burke and Zigic all go close.
    OK, times running out, does CH go negative and bring on a defender or midfielder to keep what we have? NO.....he brings on TWO attackers.
    Wow, you've got to admire his determination, desire and willing to win a game.
    N'Daw tries a 50 yard volley that goes agonizingly wide (of the corner flag) and almost goes for a throw-in.
    Then Ibanez goes down, he looked out cold before he hit the ground. It was a bit hard to know what was going on and seeing N'Daw being that upset was disturbing. I thought Ibanez was in trouble. But then he moved and was taken from the pitch and later reports said he was OK.
    Seconds to go and King races through, crosses to the near post where Wood ghosts in and the ball is hitting the roof of the net before the keeper can even move. The final whistle. We've done it. 2-1 and top of group H.
    A special and envious mention for the fans behind the goal. Super.
    Here's a video put up by a Bragga fan after the final whistle.
    Listen out for " are you watching ginger twat" classic.


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    • Great result last night, with an atmosphere.
      The video sums up the whole evening, with both sets of supporters showing respect for each other, not often you see that these days.
      To the game, like you, after conceding so early and looking all at sea, I too was thinking of a heavy defeat.
      However, the players seem to wake up and, as you say, grow in confidence.
      I would have settled for an away draw to be honest, was all set for it when up steps Chris Woods again, and finds the net.
      The injury looked very serious and I even thought the game would have to be abandoned, but glad to hear he will be ok, if only having a massive headache.
      The good thing is that CH is doing this with his team and not an inherited one, with a few exceptions; he believes therefore the squad believe.
      With the supporters too, I feel we have a good chance of a decent run, but we still need promotion to be our priority.

      Well done to the lads and supporters for a memorable night in Europe.