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  • Pikey Pikey Nov 17, 2011 13:06 Flag

    Sepp Blatter

    What sort of bloke is this ?
    He insults gays, women footballers, Blacks, Whites, Asians and Ethnic Minorities.
    He refuses to drag football into the modern age with goal line technology.
    He awards the World Cup to Qatar, a non footballing nation (but not for money...?)
    It's time he stepped down, retired, got sacked, or whatever it takes to remove this crazy old fool.
    The only trouble is, Platini is next in line...

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    • Quick and ruthless, send in the SAS:
      The man is a complete moron and definitely does not have football at heart. He has never played professionally, was President of an unsuccessful amateur club.
      He has not made one positive change to football since he became President, changed a couple of titles like silver goal instead of golden goal and been at the centre of many controversies.
      Money is obviously the name of his game not football.
      Platini does at least know and has played the game at the top level.
      The best option is for the FA to boycott anything he says or wants and form our own committee.

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      • (I've read this back before I posted it, and it's definitely a 'thumping the table, pointing the finger, raising the blood pressure type of speech and I apologise right now for its length.)
        Totally agree BD,
        look at the farce last week over poppies.
        FFS, who the hell does he think he is?
        I don't agree with Platini taking over either, he's a frog who hates the English as much as we hate the French.
        UEFA should be a committee run organisation and not a dictatorship like today. There should be a panel of say 7 leading members (who can only serve for two years) and a voting system where majority takes it, and everything is transparent.
        They should also stop making countries spend millions of pounds making pointless bids to stage the World Cup. The money wasted on a bunch of 'stuck up their own arses' blokes who feel its a god given right to be pampered is shocking.
        Imagine where that money could go. Grass roots football comes immediately to mind.
        Platini was at Stans for our last Euro game, did you know its in the rules (UEFA's own rules) that they MUST have 70 parking spaces (free of charge) and 140 something seats in the prime areas. The money they earn (in the loosest possible sense)and they want free this and free that. Parking, seats, hospitality, hotels. What about them giving something back to the game?
        Christ...I could go on all night, the rules of the game that this fat Swiss twat bought in. Your player gets nobbled by the opposition and a trainer comes on the give him some treatment, then YOUR player has to leave the field giving YOUR team a disadvantage. And this is called fair? Bloody Stupid I call it.
        In the Euro games, some bloke, not a ref or a linesman (sorry, assistant ref) stands by the post and his only job is the see if the ball crosses the goal line or not. He can't make a decision, he can't call offside, he can't tell the ref if it was a foul or who the ball came off last, he can only say if the ball crosses the line. He has a baton to hold. He don't wave it or talk into it, he don't do anything with it except hold it. Why?
        Why is he even there?
        Another Totally Stupid, pointless Europa rule. The electronic score board can tell you how long has gone or is left..Until the 90 minutes are up. The scoreboard is NOT allowed to count the extra minutes played. It cannot say 90+1 minute and 10 seconds, 90+1 minute and 11 seconds (you get the gist) it must stop at 90 minutes. Why?
        Yet another Pointless, stupid rule or two, No beer to the masses. But the executive boxes can have beer. The Directors box can have beer. The real fans, the working class fans CANNOT have a beer. WHY?
        Why are the first three rows of seats covered along the Kop and the Tilton? although they did sell some of them in the Kop against Bruges. Again, Why? Do UEFA compensate the home side for loss of revenue? I doubt it, I doubt it very much.
        Basically, UEFA is a poorly run organisation who are only interested in themselves, not you, not the players, not the clubs, not the welfare of the game from the earliest child, not even their own people, they only care about themselves and I don't mean the collective self, I mean the individual self.
        I'm going to stop there for now..
        Rant over.