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  • I was proud of the lads last night, we thoroughly deserved at least a point.
    3 decisions cost us.
    1) Early handball penalty not given (what does the bloke behind the goal do!)
    2) Who decided to let Zigic take penalty (why not Burke or Elliot)
    3) Defender should have had 2nd yellow.
    Still we do have a chance but it depends on Braga in Bruges.
    What has happened to Beausejour? he has been poor for last three games picking up silly bookings.
    Who would have thought that our home form would let us down in Europe.
    Two tough games coming up, only see us getting two points.

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    • I agree with you Jim on all your points why o why didn't Burke run Ewerton again he paniced every time after that. Also does any one know the rules regarding number of forigmers in a team 5 Brazilians in there team

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      • Damned unlucky, everything you say is true.
        Not sure if the rules regarding foreign players apply to the Europa league but if they do then maybe someone should point it out.
        If we win at home and Bragga win we will qualify …I think

        Someone questioned the officials behind the goal and they are only to see if a goal crosses the line, they should be there for anything just like a normal linesman.

        Still it has been a wonderful journey under the circumstances at the start of the season and maybe in the end a good thing with such a small squad and the heavy pitches coming up.