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  • Tilton Tilton Dec 21, 2011 17:23 Flag

    Do we really want promotion this season?

    It's already looking unlikely anyway, but miracles do happen......................

    BUT...are we ready for it ? I say no. The team needs to gel more, and players like Nathan Redmond need another season in the Championship. Rumour machine has it Craig Gardner wants to come back, but how can he, we wouldnt be able to afford him while our owner is contemplating how many mailbags he can sow in a day...in a Hong Kong jail...so I say lets use this season to blood the promising players and get games under their belts, and make a real for it next season..

    Any other views.?

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    • We need to stabilize this season, I agree with using the young players to gain more experience.
      We are not really in a position for promotion with all the uncertainty surrounded the financial aspects of the club, which is still in a very precarious position.
      The only player I would like to see come back is Ben Foster, but like the others could we afford him?
      I think we have already lost Ridgewell; rumours are he is going to Newcastle. Zigic has not done himself any favours in promoting himself to the football world so we might be stuck with him and I think we should try to bring in another striker or two as I feel Wood will be back at West Brom after his loan is up.
      So to answer your Question, No we don’t this year.
      MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR to all Bluenoses everywhere.


    • Although it pains me to write it, i agree that promotion would not be ideal considering the financial mess we are in. Lets hope we can get through January without selling too many. I expect Ridgewell to go and I hope someone out there wants Zigic. Two or three more loan players would help.
      Merry xmas & Happy new year to you all and i hope three wise men roll up to buy the club.