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    Firstly we need a decent keeper, Myhill is a disaster area.
    Secondly, why was Woods on the bench, he is our leading scorer.
    Zigic is out of sorts, sell him get some money and buy a striker as I can see Woods back at the Albion.
    Since we are having problems defending why is Ridgewell not in the side, especially as we had Carr out.
    True we are creating chances, now get someone to put them away.

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    • Ive seen Myhill have some good games and bad BD, but he is too inconsistant for me, hopefully the Baggies can get relegated and we can have Foster back....Woods is going back I heard, and the Albion want him fit, likewise Ridgewell won't be a saleable commodity if he gets injured so hes being wrapped in cotton wool.and Zigic...Ive never been a fan, although I did warm to him slightly after he scored our first at Wembley...but I don't particularly go for beanpole strikers....Kev Francis an exception....much prefer all action Keith Bertshin/ Bob Latchford type forward's who hassle and bustle....perhaps we can persuade Albion to swop Woods for Zigic ?

      Wishful thinking I think.

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      • I think your being a bit harsh on Myhill BD,
        He's not in the same class as Hart but nor is Foster tbh.
        Even Foster has made some silly mistakes during his Blues days and even more so since he's been at the Baggies.
        Myhill had a shakey start but his performances of late have earned us points. Just look at the save against WHU, Cole was 6 yards out and Myhill produced a wonder save. Had that gone in just before H/T it would have been all over.
        At Peterborough he made a superb finger-tip save to push a solid effort over the bar, again he kept us in the game.
        Zigic is short of confidence, during the warm up yesterday he was smashing goals in from 25 yards, beating Myhill on several occasions but during a game he cant score from 2 yards with their keeper on the floor !
        Just my opinion.