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  • Tilton Tilton Jan 22, 2012 11:33 Flag

    Blues 3 Watford 0

    Coming good at the right time...but IF we got promoted, are the funds available to strengthen the team..?.or just become another Wolves/Baggies ?

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    • after having watched all the top teams i think its any two from four southhampton birmingham leicester and ANO comming back to the point if the golds are still involved then no money will be available

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      • So far so good, better than expected at the start of the season, as I think even the staunchest supports had concerns over administration.
        CH and his team have kept the boardroom problems off the pitch and produced a team we can be proud of again.
        On a plus point being up among the play off places keeps us in the shop window for any prominent shoppers wanting a club with a future, the downside is we haven’t got the funds or backing to build if we do manage promotion, hence resulting in another early relegation.
        Pity we did not extend Chris Woods services, he scored for Bristol City on his debut.
        Hopefully, CH will be looking at another loan striker, but could also try a couple of youngsters as Mutch and Redmond have with such aplomb.
        I have had to eat my hat as Curtis Davis has developed into a very good bargain, who knows I might even praise Myhill too, and Doyle had a good game against the Wolves.