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  • Tilton Tilton Feb 20, 2012 10:56 Flag

    Chelsea 1 v Blues 1

    Credible result in a game we could have won, if Redmond had shot instead of trying to place the ball 4 minutes from the end.
    Colin Doyle played a blinder again....surely he's ready now to be the regular number 1 ? Penalty save was superb.......and the away following ? Me n Pikey got sore throats again....Blues outsang Chelsea thjroughout the whole game ...but why did we only get allocated 3000 tickets though ?25% =6,300 tickets, and we would have sold them too. Lets get em back here on the 6th and finish the job !

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    • I take my hat off to Colin Doyle, exceptional and well-deserved man of the match, I know I slated him at the beginning but he has matured, well done to Colin and the training staff for all the hard work.
      Good result financially but an extra game we could do without.
      Still we are at home and have an excellent chance of making the semis with Leicester at home in the next round.
      Well done the lads and the supporters for a great atmosphere