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  • busdriver busdriver Feb 26, 2012 11:43 Flag

    V Forest

    So we lost to a poor team, maybe its time we had a kick up the backside, as we have not been playing to our full potential lately.
    Nothing to worry about as the pressure is off now, but I was disappointed with a small majority of the crowd who started to get on some players backs.
    We have a small squad who have played some 44 odd games this season and we are in a play off position when we all thought that we would be lucky to survive a relegation battle. One result does not mean we are finished; every team loses now and again.
    Keep up the good work Chris; we will be passing those who deserted us next season.


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    • Completely agree BD, the run had to end sometime, we are still a good team and the 2 signings look as though they will add some variety to our play.
      Considering we expected a struggle this season, I for one am extremely proud of what we have achieved.