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  • busdriver busdriver Mar 28, 2012 19:17 Flag

    Foster keeping his options open

    I have never been a fan of Myhill to inconsistent in my opinion.
    Doyle has certainly worked hard on his game and improved immensely, so I agree give him the gloves next season, or even the rest of this season along with a few other up and coming starlets, let them have the experience while we still have some experienced players to play along side and help their game..
    We do not really want promotion this term, as we would certainly struggle. With the financial problems still in the balance, where would the finance come from?


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    • So..... 'Own Goal' Ridgewell put's his well qualified opinion into writing.


      What a twat. Have we missed Ridgewell ? NO !! so he can keep it shut in my opinion..and as for Foster.....He is still a Birmingham player, no matter what West Brom or Ridgewell may think..and will go...if he goes...to the highest bidder...and if thats West Brom, so be it...

      Frankly I think he'd be far better off looking further afield than that lot on the Smethwick borders, .... if he does decide to leave Blues..and thats not certain yet anyway !

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      • "He is a Birmingham player but it is a different team to when he played there. I'm sure Ben would like to stay here and keep playing here because he is doing really well."
        That is because all the rest jumped ship; at least he went on loan to help our financial situation and has remained a Birmingham player.
        The likes of Danns and Johnson could be swapping places if not joining us next season, let us see if they jump ships again.
        I hope that Mcjudas will be going down too if Wigan and Q.P.R can pass them. Now that would be worth CHEERING