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  • busdriver busdriver May 10, 2012 19:59 Flag

    What next…

    So we bow out of the play offs with some pride after another brilliant night of football.
    To be realistic, and most Birmingham supporters are, we are better off with another season in the Championship while our financial uncertainty is somehow defined.
    Promotion to the Premiership with a transfer embargo and the possibility of the administrators still looming would have been the equivalent of a Kamikaze pilot.
    The speculation over Chris Hughton has began and he knows the inside story and is batting a straight bat to it, however, he has had his hands tied all season.
    I feel that with the uncertainty and restrictions he will, if they are true, move on.
    Who would be surprised, he has batted a straight bat all season but surely, any manager would want to have some resources to improve.
    The players have been fantastic and done Birmingham proud.
    This has been an exceptional season for many reasons but mainly we have defied our situation.
    A well earned rest and let us be ready for August and hopefully in a better financial position than this season.

    Well done to CH and the team and to all the loyal supporters too


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    • I would expect the vultures to come cherry picking now, BD...and I would expect Hughton to go, and Chris Burke to be high on a few shopping lists, along with Curtis Davis, Elliott, and Redmond...and those simply to survive while our illustrious owner is facing wearing a suit endowed with arrows and a few mailbags to stitch..

      "We dont care about Carson...he don't care about us...all we care about, is BCFC"..to quote the song.

      Wonder what next season will hold ?