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  • Tilton Tilton Jun 8, 2012 18:03 Flag

    Re Chris Hughton

    Looking at this from a cynical point of view, them at B6 have now been responsible for us losing our last two managers........they poached the Ginger judas, then threw him out when he proved to out of his depth, then they stole Nowich's manager, which has led to Norwich stealing Chris !...so blame the Vile !!

    No I dont blame him at all, but if I were chris I would have looked for a better team than Norwich City.....

    What does our future hold.?...bleak if I am to play the devil's advocate...i would expect Chris to come back for a few of our better players....so I think its going to be a struggle...but who know's...thought that last season too,

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    • thanx for deserting our club for a team that will come down next season. and it;s time the blues board put a stop to teams poaching our managers.And our best players.
      time for a new board and get rid of the waste of space we have now, before we get relegated next year.
      also can we have a manager who as won something and is more concentrared on team than money offers from other clubs.