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  • Stephen Bennett Stephen Bennett Jun 10, 2012 13:02 Flag

    Re Chris Hughton

    thanx for deserting our club for a team that will come down next season. and it;s time the blues board put a stop to teams poaching our managers.And our best players.
    time for a new board and get rid of the waste of space we have now, before we get relegated next year.
    also can we have a manager who as won something and is more concentrared on team than money offers from other clubs.

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    • I agree with you views Stephen, but if you was in Chris's shoes what would you have done?..

      Blues are currently in limbo, rudderless, clueless and have no money, because we are owned buy a bunch of crooks. If the circumstances were different, I think Chris would have stayed to build on what he achieved. But to Norwich ??? Not the best move he could have made..

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      • I agree that Chris could have done better, if reports are correct the board (if we have one) did dissuade “The Baggies” from poaching but I believe that Chris actually asked for permission to speak to Norwich.
        If that is the case then I think maybe Chris knows more than is coming out of the corridors of power at Stans.
        PP mentioned a possible takeover. Is this just another smokescreen before the reality of administration takes hold?
        As a replacement, who is out there, that would consider coming to The Blues.
        I think the only person we could possibly afford is MM
        Maybe Nick Barmby could be worth a try as he seemed to stop the rot and got Hull playing some decent football.