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  • Ms. Jack Jacob Baldy Dodge VD Ms. Jack Jacob Baldy Dodge VD Jan 25, 2013 09:25 Flag

    Tilton .... ?

    Cairns is wet and windy at the moment, the back end of ex-tropical cyclone Oswald.

    But at least it's hot ... how's Brum?

    Most of the boards are dead, most forums are dead since Facebook and the like, I post on a few forums that once had hundreds of posts a day, and are now lucky to get any.

    You could always post on the United board, if you can sort the shit from the debate!

    I've got a mate who lives in Thailand, he's Australian and likes to visit war graves.

    Since Burma opened up recently he's been visiting sites over there, he just got back from Thanbyuzayat, which he said was one of the hardest journeys he's ever made.

    13,000 British POWs were killed along the route of the railway, and apparently some of the grave sites are in spectacular country.

    The most famous is near the River Kwai, at Kanchanaburi, but it's not the original bridge.

    Have you been to any of them?

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    • Brum..Nothing different here, butch......Snow everywhere, which kinda makes the place look clean, for a while anyway..Funny what a bit of snow can do.

      The forums are dead IMO. I joined a couple of others last year..but couldnt get into it anymore. I went to work in London doing the same job, during the Olympics and never got back into it again afterwards. Now I dont bother much, I look in on here occasionally and see if I recognise any of the old names I used to lock horns with, You, DOW...Alfy...them off the Newcastle board...Geordie Bloke , Jabberwokey Davy, or Howy..and co..or even banter with, but there seems to be none. Looks like every ones either left or got deleted somewhere along the line...You know...can't even remember what we was all arguing about now it was so long ago. Childish fun...but it passed the time.

      I still keep in touch with them off the old Hammers board..names you'd be familiar with...Soppy, Gibbo irons and co..in fact we're all having a meet and a few beers in London in the Summer. Long time we all been talking on here, so we decided to meet up and have a few.

      As you know I spent years going over the battlefields in Northern France, Belgium..Italy..Dardenelles...and saw Billy's grave on the Peninsula. The Far East isnt really my thing, after being based in Singapore for a while...but I have a friend who has visited the places you mention, and Ive seen the photo's..Im getting interested in going myself now, so maybe this year..

      Wheres everone these days...are they posting somewheer else on these boards...I see the Arsenal board is quite active, but the ID's arent people I know...I dont even recognise Slayer anymore...is he still about ?.