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  • Tilton Tilton Jan 29, 2013 15:42 Flag

    Tilton .... ?

    I'll say this, Butch, for all our faults, we are still here trying to make a thread occasionally when others are long gone.

    I thought you already had a backpackers shack in Thailand ?...I'm actually considering visiting Oz , possibly Melbourne this year, and taking in a few sights and bars... I think it was you that was telling me that the Japs made a landing in Oz during WWII, then cleared off again ?..like to know more about that.

    I'l drop in on the Arse board and take a look. 'Jeeroopoldinho' eh...hmmmm ...tempting to have yet another dig and wind him up...I remember him emailing me asking for me to hear his point of view and that you were as close to Stalins re-incarnation as someone could possibly get...idiot..but I dont think I could sustain the time I used to put in anymore. The goverment have made it all a little more difficult in my line of work , we all have to multi task more, and the inevitable workload is piling up.....hope Theresa May is proud of herself, but thats another issue.

    My lot as you may have noticed are sinking without trace after the heady days of two years ago, winning the League Cup and a 9th place finish in the Premiership...what went wront,? We sold out to the Chinesee mafia I think, money being laundered by the owners and we are sinking like brick...Shame really, this club has been my life for so many years , yet we get sold sown the river by a Porn king and a Chinese Conman.....